Tro Meditation

The cool, post-rain mountain breeze woke me from my catnap. As I listened to Brett Dennen shuffle through my iPod, I started to look at the lush green jungle around me. I’ve made the trip from Accra to Koforidua quite a few times and the mountainous scenery never ceases to amaze me. However, this trip I was greeted with the sun setting over the mountains with a multitude of rays shining through rain-filled clouds. When I saw this my thoughts were immediately paused and I gave in to only what was in front of me, fully appreciating the serenity and … Continue reading Tro Meditation

Stomach woes, thanks America

After 5 months and 24+ hours of traveling I was back on U.S. soil and I have to admit, I was pretty excited. I passed through immigration in D.C. (and even had a brief discussion about jollof rice with the immigration officer!), made it through security and to my terminal with about an hour before my last flight to Atlanta. The two foods I had craved the most during November and December were salad and chips and salsa. I quenched my salad desire in the Amsterdam airport and now I was on the hunt for chips and salsa. I roamed … Continue reading Stomach woes, thanks America

Building a common bond through agriculture

In the hustle and bustle of the tro tro station I felt a young man gently grab my arm. At first I brushed it off because at the same time another person was trying to help me find the tro that would get me to my destination. The young man reached again and this time I quickly turned to him. When I met his eyes, he smiled and said “4-H!” and I responded with their motto “Learn, earn and go green” and I realized he recognized me from 4-H officer trainings I had been a part of. Despite the hectic … Continue reading Building a common bond through agriculture

Giving Thanks

As soon as the car slowed and we pulled off onto the shoulder I knew something was wrong with the car. We were on our way to club officers training in the Volta Region and a cracked radiator threatened the remainder of our trip. As I sat in the dust and heat and thought about the unknown time our journey would resume, I realized while there was plenty to complain about, there was also so much to be grateful for. As we prepared for Ghana, the biggest takeaway I received from our mentors was that living here requires the right … Continue reading Giving Thanks

A Ghanaian Cheeseburger

After 3 weeks of chicken, rice, plantains and spicy fufu, you can imagine our excitement when we discovered a burger and pizza joint in Koforidua. Although we knew it wouldn’t be quite like the burgers back home, we were drawn to the word cheese since anything dairy is scarce here. The Ghanaian fast food system seems to have no rhyme or reason as to how food is served and the term “fast food” should be taken with a very large grain of salt. After 1.5 hours everybody in our group had our food and Katie and I decided to take … Continue reading A Ghanaian Cheeseburger